CamelBak Women’s Shasta Hike Hydration Pack Review

Updated February 12th, 2021

One of the most interesting things about the CamelBak Women’s Shasta Hike Hydration Pack is its versatility. Unlike many other hiking packs, this one is specifically designed to accommodate a female hiker in just about any weather or terrain.

For anyone seeking to embark on an adventure, the CamelBak Shasta is a great choice. It features a ton of storage space for gear, and it’s made from a soft, waterproof material that’s easy to clean. The included 100-ounce hydration pack is a convenient way to stay hydrated.

Shasta Hydration Pack

With adjustable straps and hip belts, the Shasta pack has a customizable fit that’s able to spread its weight evenly across the body, ensuring no discomfort on a long trek.

Features of the Women’s Shasta Pack

Made for camping and hiking, this backpack offers a ton of impressive features for women who love the great outdoors. The following are some of the attributes that set the Shasta pack apart from the rest.

Storage Space

Over the years, CamelBak has cemented its place as one of the leading hiking bag brands in the country. CamelBak is known for its easily-accessible and roomy storage spaces, and the Shasta does not fall short in that regard.

The Women’s Shasta Hike Hydration Pack is made with more than enough storage space for all camping and hiking essentials. With a total of 30 liters for cargo space, this bag also includes a removable 3-liter water pack for keeping hydrated on long hikes.

The Shasta pack’s internal organizing pockets keep all essential items safe and dry, and its external pockets are easy to reach and made for conveniently storing other items and equipment.

External Pockets

One of the key features of the CamelBak brand is the number of pockets its backpacks come with. The Women’s Shasta pack is no different, as it offers a ton of external pockets that are built for easy access.

The pack comes with zippered pockets, a mesh overflow pocket, side stretch pockets, and more. These pockets can be used for many different purposes and items according to the hiker’s needs.

For example, the larger zippered pockets can be used to safely store heavy and bulky items. The side stretch pockets, on the other hand, can be used to store smaller essentials like energy bars, water bottles, cellphones, iPods, and other important items.


Due to the various storage spaces and compartments that this backpack offers, one might expect it to be uncomfortable to carry around. Surprisingly, that isn’t the case.

With adjustable straps and hip belts, the Shasta pack has a customizable fit that’s able to spread its weight evenly across the body, ensuring no discomfort on a long trek. Additionally, the shoulder straps and backside of the pack are adequately padded to prevent any pain.

While some backpacks dig right into the hiker’s back, the Women’s Shasta pack is built to comfortably fit a woman’s body.

Air Support Back Panel

A hiking backpack is made to store gear and be carried on the back for long periods of time. While this can conveniently keep a hiker’s hands-free, the shoulders and back bear the brunt of the work.

Many people tend to sweat while carrying a heavy pack on their back, and this can quickly become uncomfortable and damp. Fortunately, the CamelBak brand has prioritized comfort with its integrated Air Support panel.

The Air Support panel provides ventilation to the areas of the body that release the most heat, ensuring that the hiker stays cool and dry. This innovative body-mapping technology is unique to the CamelBak brand.

Aside from ventilation, the back panel also keeps the cargo close to the body, promising safety and stability.

Shasta Hydration Pack

The Air Support panel provides ventilation to the areas of the body that release the most heat, ensuring that the hiker stays cool and dry.

Women’s Shasta Specifications

  • Brand: CamelBak
  • Model: Women’s Shasta 30 100 oz Hydration Pack
  • Hydration capacity: 100 oz / 3 L
  • Storage capacity: 27 L / 1,640 cu in
  • Pack weight: 2.7 lbs / 1,240 g
  • BPF/BPS/BPA free?: Yes
  • Torso fit range: 38-48 cm / 15-19 in
  • Back panel: Air Support
  • Material: Waterproof
  • Color: Castlerock Grey and Lake Blue
  • External pockets: 9
  • Sports type: Camping/hiking
  • User group: Women
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Who is the Women’s Shasta Best-Suited For?

The Women’s Shasta Hydration Pack is suitable for any woman seeking to embark on a camping, hiking, or cross-country adventure. It comes with a ton of advantages that set it apart from the other hiking packs on the market.

Advantages – The Shasta Pack is specifically made with a woman’s body in mind, so women looking for the perfect hiking pack can rest assured that this product will provide a comfortable fit.

The back support panel also makes this backpack a cut above the rest. Most people will sweat on a long hike, but the Air Support system that’s integrated into the pack ensures that the proper ventilation will be felt, keeping the hiker comfortable and dry.

The adjustable straps and hip belts make the pack customizable to every user’s particular needs. The padded shoulder straps keep the hiker’s hands-free, while the hip belt safely straps the bag to the body for extra stability.

Another stand-out feature of this pack is its durability. Like most of the other CamelBak packs, the Women’s Shasta pack is made from an incredibly strong, waterproof material. The pack is resistant to rain and even the most extreme weather conditions.

Finally, the inclusion of a lifetime warranty lets the buyer know that they’re getting a high-quality product, unlike many others.

Who is the Women’s Shasta Not Suitable For?

Although well-designed, the Women’s Shasta is not made for everyone. Because it’s a heavier pack that’s specifically meant for women who hike and camp, people who need a pack for shorter hikes, everyday commutes, or limited travel should look elsewhere.

Disadvantages – Despite being made for a woman’s smaller frame, the Shasta is still pretty hefty at 2.7 pounds. It becomes even weightier when heavy or bulky items are placed in the different storage compartments, so hikers need to be sure of what they can handle.

While the shoulder straps are somewhat padded and lessen the overall burden, they will eventually dig in depending on how much equipment is stored in the pack.

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