Palisade 32 Hydration Pack

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CamelBak Palisade 32 100 oz Hydration Pack Review

Updated February 12th, 2021

CamelBak’s 32-liter Palisade is one of the brand’s first forays into the production of higher-volume hiking bags. The largest among the CamelBak hiking bags, the Palisade comes with a 3-liter Crux hydration pack with Quicklink technology – an impressive feature that’s unique to this brand.

With a ton of pockets and space for gear, this backpack offers some of the most valuable features for hikers, campers, and anyone seeking to get their hands on a well-designed bag that’s made for adventure.

Palisade 32 Hydration Pack

Fitted with a wide array of features, this product is specifically designed to comfortably carry a hiker’s gear and keep them sufficiently hydrated at the same time.

Features of the CamelBak Palisade 32 Hydration Pack

Fitted with a wide array of features, this product is specifically designed to comfortably carry a hiker’s gear and keep them sufficiently hydrated at the same time. Aside from that, there are a ton of other attributes that set this bag apart from the others. These features are listed below.

Hydration Pack

Over the years, the CamelBak brand has cemented its place as one of the leading innovative backpack brands, and the Palisade 32 does not fall short of that standard in any way. Like most CamelBak bags, this product comes with a Crux 3-liter reservoir for water storage.

A handle and quick-release valve are attached for easy refilling, and the valve can be strapped down and kept out of the way until it’s needed for some refreshing hydration.

External Pockets

The Palisade comes with a total of 9 external pockets, each made to serve a number of different purposes. At first glance, there’s a zippered, fleece-lined pocket right at the front of the pack for safely storing any valuable items.

The bag also comes with a large-sized pocket to hold bigger items like tents or trekking poles. A front mesh pocket allows for the safe storage of other items – like dirty gear, a change of clothes, or anything that might require quick and easy access.

Right at the underside of the pack is a back pocket that allows users to store anything from tents to rain covers, shorts, tarps, and more.

All of these additional pockets allow for the safe storage of gear and personal items. The best part is that they can be used in a customizable way that’s ideal for just about anyone’s camping or hiking trip.

Main Pocket

Aside from the 9 additional external pockets, the Palisade hiking pack also comes with a 29-liter main pocket for cargo space.

The main pocket also features internal organizers for smaller essentials. The hydration pack sits comfortably restrained at the back of this large storage space, so there’s no need to worry about it moving around or getting crushed.

Air Support Panel

Attached to the Palisade is an Air Support back panel with unique, body-mapping technology. This panel ventilates and cools the parts of the body that generate the most heat on a long hike.

The Air Support feature is unique to CamelBak packs and ensures that the bag is kept close to the body for maximum stability.

Shoulder and Hip Straps

Comfort is a key feature that most people look for when choosing a hiking pack, and the CamelBak brand is known for living up to that expectation. The Palisade has a hip belt and shoulder straps for both comfort and convenience.

The attached hip belt is made to compress the bag slightly, ensuring that it’s kept stable and close to the back. The shoulder straps are easily-adjustable and add to the user’s overall comfort. These features alone make this pack an ideal camping and hiking essential.

Palisade 32 Hydration Pack

Right at the underside of the pack is a back pocket that allows users to store anything from tents to rain covers, shorts, tarps, and more.

CamelBak Palisade Specifications

  • Brand: CamelBak
  • Model: Palisade 32 100 oz Hydration Pack
  • Hydration capacity: 100 oz / 3 L
  • Storage capacity: 29 L / 1,760 cu in
  • Pack weight: 2.9 lbs / 1,290 g
  • BPA/BPF/BPS free?: Yes
  • Torso fit range: 43-53 cm / 17-21 in
  • Back panel: Air Support
  • Material: Waterproof
  • Color options: Charcoal and Koi
  • External pockets: 9
  • Sports type: Camping/hiking
  • User group: Unisex
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Who is the CamelBak Palisade Best-Suited For?

The CamelBak Palisade 32 100 oz Hydration Pack is suitable for anyone seeking to conveniently store their gear for camping or hiking, all while getting quick access to the water they need.

Advantages – Besides the fact that the Palisade comes with a lifetime warranty – something that isn’t often found with similar products on the market – one of its other major advantages is that it’s very durable.

The pack is made from high-quality fabric that is both waterproof and incredibly strong. Featuring an integrated rain cover, this hiking hydration pack is built for harsher weather conditions. The lifetime guarantee is solid proof that a lot of work went into creating a high-quality pack.

The 9 external pockets are easily accessible, so anyone can successfully store and retrieve their essentials and other items in a heartbeat.

Finally, the shoulder straps and hip belt offer a snug fit for anyone who’s seeking to carry around a few bulky items, whether it’s for camping, hiking, or traveling cross-country.

Who is the CamelBak Palisade Not Suitable For?

The Palisade is a great bag, but it’s not made for everyone. Because it’s a pack that’s specifically designed for hiking and camping, people who need a lighter-weight pack for short hikes, everyday commutes, or limited travel should look elsewhere.

Drawbacks – While the Palisade is a great pack for those seeking to embark on a camping or hiking adventure, one of its major drawbacks is its weight. Weighing in at about 2.9 pounds, this pack is slightly heavier than most of the other camping and hiking bags available on the market.

Unlike many other bags, this one comes with a back panel that weighs as much as 10 ounces on its own, and it’s accompanied by some heavy and bulky padding between the various compartments. This extra weight can add up, especially if there’s a lot of other heavy gear to carry around.

Aside from the weight, the shoulder straps don’t offer much padding. If the bag is packed to the brim, the straps may start to dig in at the shoulders.

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