Best Hydration Pack for Motocross

Your performance on the motocross bike is directly related to staying hydrated. Being dehydrated will increase fatigue, heat exhaustion, and cramps that will affect the quality of your motocross adventure.

When you’re riding with your motocross gang, you don’t want to stop every half an hour to drink. At the same time, carrying a water bottle when you’re riding your bike isn’t practical. The best hydration pack for motocross gives you fast and easy access to water and provides some extra storage that will come in handy.

All you have to do is to suck onto the mouthpiece to feel fresh. However, choosing the right hydration pack might be a bit challenging because there are lots of models available. But I’ll walk you through the buying process to help you pick the most suitable one for your needs.

Reviews of the Best Hydration Packs for Motocross

Overwhelmed by the number of options on the market? Don’t worry, I’ve done the research on your behalf and chose some of the top-selling models that you can use. Check them out to find the right one.

1.      Geigerrig RIG 500 Hydration Pack

A perfect combination of a durable design, convenient capacity, and a practical hydration reservoir make this one of the top choices. The pack comes in two different colors, each offering 500 cubic inches of internal capacity, in addition to a 2-liter bladder.

The internal pack frame is removable for more versatility, while the back and straps are adequately padded to reduce discomfort. This is a compact hydration pack made of nylon to withstand heavy-duty use and features attachment loops to carry your essential outdoor gear.

The hydration bladder is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. It features a pressurized system that allows you to share water for spraying or cooling on a hot day, in addition to fast and hassle-free drinking. You can use the strong stream of water to clean your legs or freshen up without interrupting your motocross adventure.

This pack weighs 2.5 pounds, so it’s bulkier than other models on the market, although it doesn’t provide extra room for storage. It also lacks reflective material for riding in low light. I would recommend this to someone who doesn’t need to carry lots of items.

Things We Like

  • Compact design made of durable materials.
  • Removable internal frame with padded back and shoulder straps.
  • Dishwasher safe 2-liter bladder.
  • Pressurized system to release water for drinking or cleaning.
  • Extra loops to attach additional gear.

Things We Don’t Like

  • A little bit bulky for the given capacity.

2.       Fox Outdoor Products Compact Modular Hydration Backpack

This affordable hydration pack is suitable cyclists and motocross riders because it’s lightweight. It weighs 1.1 pounds and comes with a 2.5-liter hydration bladder that’s very easy to fill and clean.

You’ll have eight colors to choose from. All of them feature one main compartment, in addition to one front pocket with mesh accessory pockets. This is not suitable for someone who needs lots of storage because it’s compact and lacks internal organizers.

The mouthpiece doesn’t have a bite valve. For some bikers, this can be a plus, because the valve might leak if you forget to close it properly, especially if it doesn’t have a lever. Nevertheless, this hydration pack is good value for money thanks to its slim profile and practical bladder.

You can change the direction of the hose to redirect it under your arm, instead of over the shoulder to avoid any distraction. The pack isn’t waterproof and isn’t made for a big-framed person. However, if you need a compact pack, then this is the right one for you.

Things We Like

  • Affordable and lightweight hydration pack.
  • 2.5-liter bladder for bike rides.
  • Option to redirect the drinking tube.
  • Slim and compact design.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The mouthpiece doesn’t have a bite valve.
  • Doesn’t suit bigger people.

3.      Osprey Packs Raptor 10 Hydration Pack

If you’re riding technical terrains, then you need a practical hydration pack like this one. It comes in two colors and features a 3-liter hydration reservoir which is suitable for those long rides. The hydraulics reservoir reduces liquid movement at high speeds for maximum stability.

Front pockets and hip belt pockets help you store your essential items, including a scratch-free pocket for your shades. The side compressions straps reduce movement when you’re riding your bike, while the cross-functional compression straps are used to secure extra gear.

The lid-lock attachment will help you secure your bike helmet, and there is a light attachment to ride safely at night. There’s a removable roll-out tool pouch that provides easy access for your bike essentials.

Although this pack isn’t huge, it’s well organized so you can store several valuable and essential items for your motocross ride. It features a foam padding that helps distribute the weight when you wear it for long periods.

This hydration pack weighs 1.8 pounds and features 10 liters of internal capacity. It doesn’t come with a rain cover, and the thin fabric isn’t waterproof, which is something you’d expect at this price range.

Things We Like

  • Compact hydration pack.
  • 3-liter bladder for long rides.
  • Weight is stabilized to reduce bouncing.
  • Storage capacity is divided into pockets for better organizations.
  • Foam padded back to reduce discomfort.
  • Bike tools pouch.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Thin fabric that’s not waterproof.
  • A bit heavy.

4.      Vibrelli Hydration Pack & 2L Hydration Bladder

This hydration pack is designed to reduce fatigue and discomfort as it weighs 0.9 pounds which makes it a convenient choice for motocross riders. It comes in a bright blue color and features a 2-liter bladder that’s made of medical grade materials to keep you hydrated.

The mesh back and straps keep you cool and improve breathability. The main compartment is enough to carry all your essentials, while the bladder is stored in a special pocket. There are bungee straps that will allow you to attach extra gear, while the waist belt with side stabilizers helps stabilize the load and reduce bouncing.

I would recommend this to someone who’s looking for an affordable and good quality hydration pack because it’s made of ripstop fabric. There is a bite valve that provides high flow when needed and has a dust cover. Moreover, the bladder has antimicrobial lining and a silicone mouthpiece that can be easily replaced if broken.

You can secure the tube to the shoulder strap, which lies below the chest strap for maximum convenience. The pack lacks a magnet trap for the tube, but this mechanism will do the job. There’s also a whistle for emergencies.

Things We Like

  • Lightweight and affordable hydration pack.
  • 2-liter hydration bladder.
  • Easy opening for cleaning and filling.
  • High flow bite valve that prevents leaks.
  • Adjustable chest straps and ventilated back.
  • Side stabilizers to reduce movement.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t have a magnet trap for the drinking tube.
  • Comes in one color.

5.      CamelBak Rogue Hydration Pack

This pack comes in four different colors and features an ergonomic lightweight design that won’t cause any discomfort when you’re riding your motocross bike. The breathable air mesh back increases breathability, while the 2.5-liter bladder keeps you hydrated when you’re exploring the trail.

This is one of the lightest hydration packs on the market as it weighs 0.5 pounds and provides 2.5 liters of internal capacity. The bladder delivers 20% more water every time you sip, so you’ll need to drink less often and would stay hydrated for a long period.

With a magnetic tube trap, your leak-proof bladder tube won’t distract you. There’s a special attachment for your bike helmet that doesn’t prevent easy access to the hydration pack.

The reservoir can be filled on the fly thanks to the quick-release flap. Nevertheless, removing the reservoir is difficult, so you’ll have to fill it while it’s in the pack. This makes cleaning a bit difficult.

There are external pockets for your valuables, and you can also attach some reflective accents for riding in low light. However, you shouldn’t expect to carry anything bigger than a phone or your keys as the internal storage is limited.

Things We Like

  • Compact and lightweight hydration pack.
  • Breathable mesh back to keep you cool.
  • Magnetic tube trap to reduce distraction.
  • Leak-proof bladder with on and off valves.
  • Special gear and helmet attachments.
  • Small pockets for your phone or keys.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Filling and cleaning the reservoir isn’t easy.
  • Limited capacity.

How to Determine the Right Size for Your Hydration Pack for Motocross?

Motocross requires your full attention. Using water bottles or a hydration pack that doesn’t provide easy access to water will confuse you and might jeopardize your safety. This is why you need to pay attention to a few factors when you’re shopping for a hydration pack.

Pack Volume

A big pack means that you can store extra gear, a change of clothes, and all your valuables, but you don’t actually need that when you’re on a motocross bike.

Riders don’t need to pack lots of stuff because they want to get rid of any unnecessary weight. Some storage capacity is needed because you can pack an extra jacket or a few snacks, but you don’t need a bulky or a heavy pack.

Regardless of the external storage provided, your hydration pack should be compact. This means that it won’t bother you when you’re riding the bike and won’t occupy much space or bounce.

Bladder Volume

Hydration packs feature bladders that range from 1 to 3 liters or more. Smaller bladders are suitable for shorter rides because they require regular filling. Bigger bladders are more suitable for longer rides or trails where you don’t have access to water.

Make sure that you’re choosing a leak-proof bladder so your outfit and gear will stay dry. It should also have a good opening that allows you to fill it and clean it often.

It’s crucial to clean and dry your bladder after every use. This prevents the growth of microorganisms and bacteria which can affect your health. You should leave the tube open to circulate the air so that moisture doesn’t build up and affect the bladder.

Using the Hydration Pack for Motocross

In addition to cargo storage, you must make sure that the bladder does the job and keeps you well hydrated. It’s crucial to make sure that the drinking tube and bite valve work properly.

Drinking Tube

A tube or hose allows you to drink without having to take the bladder out of the pack. You should choose a hydration pack where you can secure the tube after use. This will prevent accidental leaks and will guarantee that the hose doesn’t get in the way when you’re riding your motocross bike.

Bite Valve

A bite valve prevents dripping and leaking. When you bite on it, the water will flow into your mouth effortlessly. The valve should have an on/off lever that keeps the whole pack dry when you’re not drinking.

Some hydration packs provide a high flow rate. This means that they deliver more water per every sip, so you don’t have to drink as often. Moreover, the high flow of water can be used to clean your helmet or bike.

Wrap Up

All the hydration packs on our list are of good quality and will satisfy your drinking needs when you’re enjoying your motocross quest. However, I think that some models excel and should be on the top of your list.

After looking at several models, I chose the Vibrelli Hydration Pack & 2L Hydration Bladder as the best hydration pack for motocross. It’s budget-friendly and made of ripstop fabric that withstands heavy-duty use. It features a hydration bladder with a big opening for easy cleaning and filling.

This is a good choice for motocross riders who don’t want to carry any extra weight and need easy and quick access to water when they’re exploring rough trails. It has all the features of an expensive hydration pack at an affordable price.

With the right hydration pack, there will be nothing standing between you and your motocross trail. Grab your helmet and ride on.