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CamelBak MULE 100 OZ Pack

The best hydration pack

An updated classic, designed for max stability on technical terrain. Partially made with post-consumer recycled materials.


Osprey RAPTOR 14

The best for biking

Made to haul all the gear you need—but flexible enough to slim down for shorter rides

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The best for day hike

The top-loader design features internal organization to help keep your gear easy to find.

Compare The 30 Best Hydration Packs

Updated March 23, 2021

We all know the important role hydration plays in our health and wellness. However, removing a water bottle and replacing it in a bag or backpack creates a time-consuming inconvenience with frequent stops.

That’s why the best solution to staying hydrated while outdoors is to purchase one of the best hydration packs available today! When it comes to picking a pack, the reality is that everyone has different goals, preferences, and intended uses. The demands for hiking are a lot different from that of cycling, and a shorter hike would likely require less capacity than a longer hike.

Therefore, the best hydration pack for you may not be the best for someone else. Here, we explore the 30 best hydration packs with recommendations that span a wide variety of categories and styles so that you can get the best one for you. Let’s get started!

Water Buffalo Hydration Backpack

Water Buffalo Hydration Backpack

Affordable Hydration Pack

The Water Buffalo features a sleek profile with options to carry gear in the main compartment, inner sleeve, exterior pocket, or bungee.


We thought this Water Buffalo model was the best overall hydration pack out there today. It was made for many different activities from single track running to rock-hopping. The Water Buffalo Hydration Pack carries up to 2 liters in its water bladder, and it keeps your water cool for up to five hours. You can also carry more than water in your pack without worrying about adding a ton of weight. The Water Buffalo features a sleek profile with options to carry gear in the main compartment, inner sleeve, exterior pocket, or bungee. With a small size but mighty capabilities, it can work well for kids and adults alike. The water access hose is capped off at the end with a durable bite valve. Water is instantly accessible through the built-in clips on the shoulder straps. It is leak-free and BPA free, so you can head out with confidence.

REVO Hydration Pack Backpack

REVO Hydration Pack Backpack

Best 3L Pack

This backpack is comfortable and lightweight, so you can stay hydrated while running, cycling, or hiking.


With the Revo Hydration Pack Backpack, you can satisfy your thirst for adventure. This backpack is comfortable and lightweight, so you can stay hydrated while running, cycling, or hiking. With a highly desired functional feature, this pack includes storage for your phone and other essentials in the front pouch.

What this backpack lacks in storage capacity, it makes up for in holding 3 liters of liquid. Furthermore, the 2 large openings allow you to store ice cubes, and this helps for easy cleaning. The Revo Hydration pack is made with 800D rugged Oxford fabric with a nylon lining that keeps tears at bay. Another benefit of this pack is that you won’t have to worry about it getting heavy when you load up the 3 liters because it only weighs 21 ounces to start with. Like comparable backpacks on the market, this one also has a mesh pad on the back for comfort and breathability when you’re sweaty.

Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack

Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack

Most Breathable

It comes with a BPA-free 2-liter water bladder to keep you hydrated, and there’s a wide opening to facilitate cleaning and filling.


The Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack is a 2-liter, BPA-free bladder that keeps your liquid cool for up to 4 hours. This is the perfect lightweight backpack to take when you head outdoors, whether your outdoor exploration activities involve running, skiing, hiking, or cycling. This is a super light pack weighing less than a pound, so you won’t feel burdened during your adventure. Despite it being smaller than most packs, it can still store a change of clothes, keys, phones, and snacks. If you would like access to more storage, you can use the mesh pocket on the front. The opening on the bladder is wide enough to add ice cubes if you prefer colder drinks when heading out. This large opening also makes it easier to clean. If you want to use the backpack without the water feature, you can take the bladder out and use the backpack to tote other essentials. Its low weight, breathable straps, and ability to keep water cool make it perfect for hot conditions.

EMDMAK Hydration Pack Backpack

EMDMAK Hydration Pack Backpack

Best for Cycling

The chest and waist straps are excellent stabilizing features that prevent the bladder from bouncing or shifting when you’re cycling.


The Emdmak Hydration Pack Backpack is a leak-proof backpack that has an updated auto-lock quick-connect design on the bladder. To use it, you simply plug the drinking tube into the bladder, pull the rubber mouthpiece, and then your water will be on its way out. You will find that the shoulder, chest, and waist straps are very adjustable, and they can fit teenagers up to large adult men. The chest and waist straps are also key stabilizing features that prevent the bladder from bouncing or shifting when you’re cycling. The bladder has a large and easy opening, so you don’t have to struggle with cleaning or filling. It has many storage compartments that allow you to bring snacks, sunscreen, keys, a hat, and more, even when the bladder is full.
The Emdmak pack is super lightweight and durable, making it comfortable to wear even when you’ve packed it up. The double insulation keeps your liquid cool, and safety reflectors on the bag to help keep you visible if you’re outdoors at night.

Neboic Hydration Backpack Pack

Neboic Hydration Backpack Pack

Best Two-Pack Offer

When you are ready to head back to civilization or store it away, you can easily fold this backpack up so it doesn’t take up so much space.


The Neboic Hydration Backpack is ideal for kids, women, and men. It is made of waterproof material, so you don’t have to outrun the rain or worry about any items in the pack getting damaged. The pack is lightweight, compact, and low-profile, which makes it perfect for any light, outdoor activity. The backpack is lined with three extra pockets, including two zippered pockets on the sides. There are multiple straps and an adjustable waist belt that helps it adjust comfortably to fit your torso. You can fit up to 2 liters in the bladder, and it distributes the weight evenly across your back. The hose has a durable cap to keep it clean yet easily accessible for drinking. When you are ready to head back to civilization or store it away, you can easily fold this backpack up so it doesn’t take up so much space.

Sharkmouth Hydration Pack

CamelBak HydroBak Hydration Pack

Most Comfortable

The mesh back provides ventilation and also makes the bag feel lighter.


This is one of the most comfortable hydration backpacks on the market. It’s perfect for both men and women, and it works great for short runs with a water bladder holding around 1.5 liters of water. This is a must-buy bag for when you only want to carry water and a few quick essentials. It has a zipped pocket for your personal belongings with a smart design that keeps it lightweight. The mesh back provides ventilation and also makes the bag feel lighter. The bladder is easy to clean and fill. The crux has an easy on/off switch, which is ideal for those who don’t like using bite valves. Overall, this backpack helps to keep you better hydrated and comfortable with the minimum amount of fuss.

CamelBak Lobo Bike Hydration Pack

CamelBak Lobo Bike Hydration Pack

Best for Stability

It comes with a BPA-free 2-liter water bladder to keep you hydrated, and there’s a wide opening to facilitate cleaning and filling.


This is the best hydration pack for stability. Unlike other bags, this one has a removable stability belt that provides added security to the wearer. It also makes the fit and feel customizable, and it makes the tightness of the straps adjustable to each person distinctively. Its harnesses are designed to be lightweight and breathable. With a convenient air director panel at the back of the bag, free airflow will keep your back cool and prevent extreme sweating. These bags tend to be worn snugly but not too tight, and the stability is enhanced by the shoulder and sternum straps. The sternum strap keeps the pack close to the body, which provides even more stability. Like many hydration packs, it has pockets for small essentials like phones, allowing for quick and easy access to your items.

Sharkmouth Hydration Pack

Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set Running Hydration Vest

Best Hydration Vest

It comes with a BPA-free 2-liter water bladder to keep you hydrated, and there’s a wide opening to facilitate cleaning and filling.


This is one of the best hydration vests for long-distance running. It is made from Nylon (88%) and Elastane (12%). It has two soft 500 milliliter flasks in two shoulder pockets as well as an adjustable strap for an adjustable fit that accommodates both men and women. This hydration vest features many small pockets for all of your necessities. There are two large pockets at the front, two front zipper pockets, a pocket at the lower rear of the bag for lightweight objects, and a large pocket for essential gear. It has an additional sieve for a 1.5-liter bladder as well as a 4D pole holder for your long trekking needs. There is an emergency whistle at the left shoulder pocket, and the reflective surface on all sides of the bag makes night travel safe. The vest is lightweight and comfortable for a wide range of activities.

Nathan Men’s Hydration Pack

Nathan Men’s Hydration Pack

Best High Capacity Pack

It comes with a BPA-free 2-liter water bladder to keep you hydrated, and there’s a wide opening to facilitate cleaning and filling.


This bag is best for high altitude activities like hiking, climbing, and even long-distance running. Its lightweight nature allows you to use it without it bouncing around uncomfortably on your back. It is made from breathable materials and designed to fit the contours of your body, making it more comfortable to wear. Its bindings are made of a soft elastic material that prevents chafing. It binds itself to your chest for ease of comfort. It has a 2-liter bladder that releases water quickly when you’re ready to take a sip. It also has four, water-resistant pockets that are easy to access. With two easy-access bottle pockets at the front of the vest, this is a great option for people who want or need to carry more water.

G4Free Hydration Pack

G4Free Hydration Pack

Most Durable

It’s perfect to take with you on a cycle, hike, jog, or skiing, and it can fit up to three liters.


The G4Free Hydration Pack is the pack of many people’s dreams. This incredibly durable pack is made of high-quality 600D polyester fabric, and it comes with a construction rope as well as a high-quality buckle. There is an upgraded quick-release bladder bite valve, but you do have to bite down hard to open up the valve and release the flow of water. Some customers prefer this valve style as it prevents accidental leaks, while others may opt for easier release options. When it comes to storage, the G4Free pack doesn’t disappoint. There are two front pockets and one main pocket. The front pockets are the perfect size for a wallet, keys, phone, towel, and small tools. The large main compartment is ideal for larger items, such as an iPad or a change of clothes. It’s perfect to take with you on a cycle, hike, jog, or skiing, and it can fit up to three liters with enough space to store extras.

What features should you consider before buying a hydration pack?

Type – As you’ve seen here today, there are many different types of hydration packs available on the market. If you have a specific activity in mind, then you should get a hydration pack that matches it.

Hiking hydration packs are probably the most popular available, and these are often a bit bigger with plenty of storage space. Along with hiking, you can also get hydration packs that are made for running in the form of running vests or backpacks. These often have a snug fit and a lower profile to limit the movement of the pack.

You can find other specialized hydration packs too such as for cycling and snow sports. Cycling packs often have a low profile to reduce wind resistance and have no hip belt that could interfere with your pedaling. For snow sports, they are often more heavily insulated to prevent your water from freezing.

Whatever activity you love doing, it’s important to think about how the pack you choose could enhance or detract from that experience. For example, you may need a pack with a drinking system that is easy for you to use without stopping. Getting a specialized pack is a great way to ensure that it’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Capacity – One of the most important decisions you need to make is choosing the capacity of your hydration pack. If you need to carry a huge amount of water, you’ll have to plan on carrying all that weight.

One liter of water weighs a little over 1.2 pounds, and that weight can feel significant when you’re exerting yourself. Consider how long you’ll be out and how much water you’re going to need along the way.

If you think you need more water than you want to carry, then think about how it can be refilled. If you’re only going to be running for a short period, then a small pack may be best. For those hiking in hot conditions for a full day, a larger pack may be necessary.

In general, it’s better to go with a bigger bladder capacity rather than a smaller one. The reason for that is you don’t have to always fill your hydration pack to the fill line, but you never want to be caught out without the water you need.

Size and Weight – After capacity, the overall size and weight of your pack will also be important. If you plan to carry something else in your pack apart from water, you need the space to do that.

If you’re only using your hydration pack for running locally, then you probably won’t be too hung up on needing extra space. If you’re heading out on a multi-day hiking adventure, though, you may need a full-sized backpack that contains a hydration pouch and other organizational pockets.

A lot of hydration packs come with about 5 liters of space. This allows you to store away your essential items while also carrying some snacks and other necessities, such as a waterproof layer. These packs are small but will give you maximum stability when cycling or running.

If you’re going to be out for a day, then you may want to consider something in the 6-to-20-liter range. Depending on the size, these packs can allow you to carry more goods, various bits of gear, and extra clothing. They can still be fairly compact.

Anything over 20 liters is going to feel incredibly heavy and cumbersome, especially for an activity such as running or cycling. These are generally used for either long trips out, traveling, or overnight stays.

Versatility – While you may only have one activity in mind right now, you may want to get a back that can be used for multiple types of adventures. If you’re getting a full-sized backpack, you can also use that without the hydration bladder.

A high-quality backpack can be used for many different types of adventures in different seasons and across various types of terrain. For example, if you love both cycling and running, there are many packs that are suitable for both. Many of them even have the same design features, and it saves you from having to purchase two packs.

Fit – Getting the right fit is vital, especially if you’re carrying a heavy pack or planning an intense activity. The most important aspect here is the torso length, as this will allow the pack to sit properly on your back. This is crucial not only for both comfort and stability.

Getting the right torso length is done in one of two ways. You can either buy a pack in a variety of different sizes and pick what feels best, or you can choose one that has an adjustable torso. Before purchasing, double-check your torso measurement.

Don’t forget about waist size either! Waist straps are usually adjustable and linked to the torso length but, again, check this before you buy.

Packs specifically made for women are also available. These have a more contoured shape to ensure comfort and stability. Any woman who prefers can certainly use a standard pack, but if it feels uncomfortable, getting a women-specific pack can be the way to go.

Ease of Use – Some hydration packs are easier to use than others. There are three important considerations here: how easy it is to drink from, fill up, and clean after use.

Ease of drinking will especially be important for those cyclists or runners who want to be able to easily access their water without stopping. The filling process has greater importance if you plan on refilling your hydration pack away from home. Some have a wide opening that allows you to replenish your water supply in a matter of seconds and to clean it easily after you’re finished.

How we picked the best hydration packs of 2021

There are several factors to take into account when asking, “What are the best hydration packs?” The most important variable is simply the overall quality of the pack. It needs to give you a constant supply of water effectively without creating any discomfort or inconvenience.
We covered the hydration packs that are most brilliant and top-rated in terms of functionality and usability. All of the 30 packs we reviewed here will exceed your expectations.

Beyond the more objective aspects, we honed in on which packs work best for people based on their needs, preferences, and intended uses, paying special attention to the activity each pack was designed for.

As you can see, we have offered suggestions for the best hydration pack for a wide range of different categories. With so many different packs to consider, we hope this guide saves you time as you look for the pack that will perfectly fit your needs!

Which hydration pack is the best?

If we were asked to pick just one hydration pack, then it would be the Water Buffalo Hydration Pack. It has a great capacity and is very easy to use. It also has the quality and durability you’d expect from an elite hydration pack. On top of that, it has a comfortable fit for all-day wear.

As we’ve said, however, choosing the best hydration pack for you is usually a little more complicated. It could be that the Water Buffalo Hydration Pack doesn’t have the features you’re looking for. In the 30 packs that we’ve looked at here, you are sure to stumble upon the perfect solution.

It’s a good idea to assess your needs and write down exactly what you want, and then choose a hydration pack that most closely matches what you’re looking for. Let us know in the comments which pack is your favorite!

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